Who Won 2nd Presidential Debate 2016?

Just wondering your thoughts on who won the 2nd presidential debate?  Not that we have a dog in the fight but it appears Trump seems to have edged out Hillary in this one.  It was a down right dirty contest with both candidates takes low blows at each other.

It begs the question, is this the best America can come up with in the form of presidential candidates?  I mean really, out of the 300+ million Americans, is that it?  In the world of NWO News this is not something that is surprising though.  It seems like both of the political parties are being played willingly like a marionette by TPTB(The Powers That Be).  If you ask me, this has been the same running theme for a millennia starting back with the Black Nobility.

So does our vote even count at this point?  Out presidential stage has become it’s own Soap Opera at the expense of We The People.  I mean, just watch these clip highlights of the 2nd debate below:

In my opinion it’s just a shame.  So, with that said, let me know what you think below.